(Students/Guardians) How to View and Pay IVS Course Fees


If your school has selected the option to pay IVS course fees on your behalf, the IVS registrar at your school can log in to print an invoice and submit payment.

If your school has selected the option for you to pay IVS directly for your course fees, follow the help guide below to submit payment. 

Please contact your school if you do not know which option your school has selected for payment.

Course enrollment fees are due two weeks following the start date of the course (by the Grace Drop date).  Unpaid student enrollments remaining after the Grace Drop date will be dropped by IVS Administration.


1. Log in to your student or guardian account at

If you have a balance due, it will show in the information bar at the top of your dashboard.


If there is no balance due, check with your school to see if they are collecting payment locally.


2. Locate your “Ledger” tab on the left.

                Students: This will be located under the “Academic Info” header.


                Guardians: This will be located under the student name header.


In the Ledger, within the “Payables” tab, any unpaid IVS course fees will be listed.  The due date is listed at the far right of the fee item.



3. Submit Payment (3 options)


A. Select the “Pay All” button to submit payment (via Paypal) for all pending course fees. Please note that there will be a small service fee for paying electronically, which will automatically be included in your total.



For any issues regarding Paypal payments, please contact Paypal support.


B. To pay an individual charge only (via Paypal), click the “Pay” icon (the dollar sign) next to the fee you wish to pay.  A new window will open.


Choose “Proceed to Payment” to pay electronically via Paypal.



C. Print your invoice to send in with a check or money order.

Select a single invoice (only one can be printed at a time) by clicking the "Pay" icon (the dollar sign).


Select the "Print" button in the new window.  



A new window will open with your printable IVS invoice.  Please allow some time for the new window to appear, as it may take a moment.  If a new window does NOT open, you may need to allow popups in your browser from


If you are sending in a check/money order for multiple enrollments, you will need to print an invoice for each enrollment, or write the additional invoice numbers on your check.

You can send in this invoice with a check or money order to submit payment.  If paying by check, please send payment early enough to be received at the IVS office by the due date. 


Payment by check or money order can be sent to:

Illinois Virtual School
c/o Peoria ROE #48
324 Main Street, Room 401
Peoria, IL  61602


Please make check or money order out to Illinois Virtual School.


Once payment is received and logged by IVS, the fee items associated with your payment will disappear from your Ledger, and your balance due will be adjusted.  To check the status of your payment, log in to check the balance due on your account, or submit a help ticket via the IVS Helpdesk.

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