Viewing Grades and Exporting Grades Report

Registrars and Mentors have permissions to view student grades in the information system and export grades for all current enrollments.

Begin by logging into with the username and password you received from when your account was added to the IVS SIS system.  

View All Student Grades

Once logged in, click the Enrollments tab.   You will see all students from your school that are currently enrolled in an IVS course. 


Following the example above, you can see each student’s name in the table, as well as the current grade in the Curr. Grd. column.  You can click on any column heading to sort information, but you can only sort one column at a time.  

  • You can click Curr. Grd in the column heading to sort by lowest to highest.  You can click it again to sort from highest to lowest. Note: Grades are updated nightly.
  • You can click on Student to sort students in alpha order.  
  • You can click Section to sort by section and group students together by section.

You cannot sort two columns, e.g Section and then name to group students in section in alpha order. You can use one of the export options in the lower right hand corner of the table to export the information in the table as a .csv, Excel file, or custom Excel file. 

View Individual Grades

Staying within the Enrollments tab, click the ID number in front of each student name to see grades and attendance for that student. This will open another window for just that student. To view the grades or attendance (time in course), click the appropriate link below the visual pacing bar (see image below).


With the grades visible, see all the graded assignments received for the student. You can also use the export options in the lower right corner of the grades table to download the grades for this student in this course.


To return to the Enrollments tab, click the x in the top right corner of the window. 


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