How do I use the dropbox from an iPad?

The dropbox can only receive Photos from an iPad.  There are two options. Use either and then you will  be able to select the image of your work from the camera roll when you click add a file in the IVS dropbox. 


Option 1: For text based documents (essays / worksheets): The best way to use the dropbox is to use the Textilus app to create your document.  The paid version can also work with images inserted into a document.  Once it is created and you have completed your work, click the "send to" button.  

Next choose Send to Photos

It is also possible to work with Pages, however Pages may not be able to open some document formats (which is why Textilus is recommended). Students would need to export from Pages to PDF and use a second app as a PDF to Photos converter before submitting.

Option 2: Use the camera as a document scanner.  In some cases sketches, graphs, math problems where you show you work it is best to work the problem on paper and then take an image of it with the iPad camera.  Be sure to:

  • write dark and legibly.  
  • get as close to the document as possible.
  • minimize clutter in the background.



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