How to Download Google Docs to Upload to IVS dropbox

Downloading Course Documents

There are two options to download a document to use in your Google Drive/Google Doc program.

Option 1 - Install and use the "Save to Google Drive" browser extension. Click here for instructions

Option 2 - Download the file from the course to your computer desktop or other file, and then upload it to google drive. Click here for instructions

 Uploading Your Google Doc (or Sheet or Presentation) to Course Dropbox

To submit a Google Doc to a dropbox in the course, you must first download the Google doc to your desktop or other folder. To do this:

  • Open document in Google,
  • Click File in the Google menu directly underneath your document title,
  • Hold cursor over Download as, and then select Microsoft Word (or other Microsoft program i.e. Excel, PowerPoint). See image below.

  • If prompted, save file to desktop or other folder.  If not prompted, look in your downloads area or task pane for the file, which should automatically download.
  • Upload this file to the course dropbox per directions in the Video: Submitting to the Dropbox .


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