Edit Profile and add Photo

At IVS, we know that learners are individuals.  Having a profile is one way to share that personality. Please limit photos to school appropriate images.


We offer 2 levels of profile with different privacy

Level 1 - Maestro registration system only

  • Visible to the user (and guardians), instructors and school administration only

Level 2 - Full-service Students and Professional Development Participants Brightspace profile.

  • Visible to the user (and guardians), classmates, instructors and school administration.

Create a Maestro Profile

Upon login to the school, on the left hand menu click "My Account"

Here you can change the picture, update address, phone and email information. NOTE: You must have a security question and answer to save this page.


Create a Brightspace Profile

In Brightspace (D2L) click the down arrow next to your name in the navigation area and click Profile from the menu.

Here you can add a picture, social networking info, general info.  Please remember that this information is public to your class and you should never share private information on the internet.  

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