Video: Using Your Smartphone to Scan Written Work and save as PDF

Under IVS policy, students in Credit Recovery courses are required to submit written activities to pass the course. If you do not have access to a scanner to scan and save your hand written assignments, you can take a picture of the assignment via your Smartphone. 

We recommend using CamScanner, a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store on your mobile device.  CamScanner turns the Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows Phone 8 into a scanner that takes a picture of one or multiple pages of your assignment, converts to a .pdf, and allows you to email to yourself.  The emailed version can be upload to the Message Center of your Credit Recovery course.

The video below provides the basics for using CamScanner. Instead of uploading to D2L as described in the video, you will upload to the Apex Message Center. 

TO SCAN MULTIPLE PAGES INTO THE SAME FILE, choose the "batch" option or icon on the first page next to the camera icon and, after scanning the first page, the camera icon will be presented to you again to scan the second page and so forth.  After all pages are scanned, you can finish the scan and proceed to saving or sending your .pdf file.

NOTE: When saving the picture of your document, please select the B & W (Black and White) setting to minimize the size of the file.

Full Service Students

You should always email your CamScanner files in .pdf format to yourself or upload them to a more permanent storage location.  After emailing to yourself, the files should be saved either on your computer or a more permanent storage location. Do not remove or delete coursework from your own storage location until you complete the course. 

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