How to Request Access to the Next Activity If You Do Not Get a 60% on a Quiz After 3 Attempts

NOTE: The directions below are for students who enrolled ON OR AFTER February 3, 2020.

Students are allowed up to three attempts to earn a score of 60% on computer-based quizzes and tests. Once earned, the student may continue but additional attempts will not be granted. If the student fails to earn a score of 60% in three attempts, they will be ‘locked out of the next activity. Students should review all materials before requesting access to the next activity. 

To move forward after being locked out, you MUST submit a "Request to Progress” to the IVS Technical Support team to be permitted to progress in the course. Please follow the steps in this help guide to learn how to submit your permit progress request.

The guide below is a PDF that can be saved, downloaded, and/or printed. 

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